Authentic.  Smart.  Kooky.  These are the three words that Catherine would use to describe herself. 

Catherine grew up in Phoenix, AZ, and in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s definitely hot as hell.  Unlike most performers, Catherine didn’t have an artistic or musical family.  Her parents told her to pursue other professions.  Catherine entertained the idea, but ended up back to her true love: music.  

Catherine graduated from Arizona State University with a major in Musical Theatre and a minor in Communications.  Here in New York, she studied improv, acting, takes on-camera classes, and takes voice lessons.  Vocally, she started as a classical soprano but then decided to learn how to fiercely belt.  So, she did. Catherine skillfully sings in multiple styles including musical theatre, classical, pop, jazz, and rock.

She was chosen to be the soloist at ASU’s university-wide commencement ceremony performing the National Anthem and the Alma Mater in front of thousands.  It was terrifying, to be honest.  She also was chosen to perform an acapella version of the Alma Mater at the School of Business graduation ceremony.  Also terrifying.  But the business bro’s were oddly supportive and receptive to her performance.

Believe it or not, but Catherine has other passions besides singing and acting. She’s really into feminism.  Like, hardcore.  She also loves reading non-fiction books, yoga, puppeteering, and nerding out about vocal technique with other singers.  She’s also still trying to learn Spanish.  She used to own five rats at one glorious time.  She takes coconut oil very seriously and thinks you should too.  Lastly, she is always on the lookout for good Mexican restaurants in the city. If you have any suggestions, please send them her way!  (Not joking - this is a serious cry for help.)