Artistic Fulfillment

This is something I struggle with on pretty much a daily basis.  Not being artistically fulfilled for a creative person is like this itch that you need to scratch.  It's this thing that slowly eats away at your soul.  That all sounds really dramatic, but it's true.  Not being actively creative when you are a creative person is a shitty feeling.

When you're pursing an artistic career, it's hard to get that fulfillment you crave.  Jobs are scarce, the field is competitive, sometimes you need a break from the biz so you take a few months off, the audition season is currently slow, everything is pre-cast, etc.  There are endless reasons as to why the business doesn't seem to cater to you.  So my question is how do we find this creative gratification when there are no jobs/projects on the horizon?

For me personally, I've been trying to keep my creative juices flowing by doing these things:

  • Journaling every day. Writing has become a new passion of mine. Also, writing down all your problems makes it feel so much better.  They get released from your babbling mind.
  • Voice lesson once a week
  • Practicing singing at least every other day
  • Reading so many books.  Books about this very subject, books that teach me a new skill, books about spirituality, or self-help books.
  • Practicing Spanish every day.  This isn't necessarily a creative thing, but exercising a different part of my brain only helps every other aspect.

It's good to do these artsy things that feed your soul, but there's also validity in doing non-creative things.  For me, that's learning Spanish as I mentioned above.  The more well-rounded of a human you are, the better artist you will be anyways.  Also, these other endeavors will make you realize that there's also more to life than the hustle of pursuing your creative career.  So go take a pottery class or get that yoga certification you've always been thinking about.

So basically, work on becoming the best human you can be - artistic and otherwise.  Work on getting your attitude and thoughts straight.  Everything will fall into place accordingly.